Comprehensive Services with Tailored Advice

I provide more than advice and assistance with legal matters.  I build relationships, taking the time confidentially to learn your business, your goals and your strategies.  I am here for you — happy to provide regular services or simply assist when you need assistance.  My fees are reasonable and controlled, so you have a clear idea of what costs will be incurred.

± General Outside Counsel
I can assist your in-house professionals to leverage their capabilities and, where there is no in-house legal function, can act as general outside counsel.  I work with clients at an operating level, getting to know your business, goals and strategies. Services include:

  • Structuring, establishment and reorganization of legal entities. Whether you are starting new or looking to expand or reorganize an existing structure, I can help determine the best structures to fulfill your needs and guide its implementation.
  • Financing. I can assist with equity and debt offerings, loan transactions and other forms of financing for your business.
  • Agreements and contracts. I can draft, review and negotiate or guide day-to-day agreements that you may need, including vendor contracts, confidentiality agreements, trade finance and other credit arrangements, contractor agreements and employment contracts.
  • Legal and regulatory. I can review and draft internal policies and procedures to address new requirements or legal risks.  If you have internal compliance staff, I am happy to assist in implementation.
  • Governance policies and procedures. I offer practical experience in governance processes, helping you explore the best solutions given pertinent legal issues, the needs of your auditors and financial staff, as well as regulatory requirements.  I can draft or review your governance policies and procedures, recommending best practices and assisting in implementation.
± Financing Transactions
I have extensive experience structuring, drafting, reviewing and negotiating private equity and debt offerings, and loan and other credit transactions.  I will work closely with you to satisfy your business objectives and long-term strategies.  Among the types of transactions with which I can assist are:

  • Equity. I can advise and assist with all kinds of equity raises and private equity investments.
  • Loans, notes and bonds. From government loan programs to commercial loans, and private notes and bonds, I can help business owners assess the terms, eligibility requirements and conditions, and position your company to secure the debt.
  • Hedging arrangements. I can provide critical documentation drafting and review for firms that engage in interest rate, foreign exchange, commodity or other hedging arrangements.
± Cross-Border Services
I advise and assist non-U.S. firms with the legal help to establish subsidiaries, affiliates and other entities in the United States, to operate them, and to finance and raise capital for them.  I have a thorough understanding of the opportunities and difficulties of cross-border activities, and can assist any company with their international business.  My clients have included non-U.S. companies doing business or seeking financing in the United States and U.S. companies doing business outside the United States.  My coverage has included matters in the United States, but also in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.
± Team
I can easily assemble a team tailored to the specific project.  I maintain Of Counsel and other relationships with many counsel, and engage them, other lawyers, law students and law clerks as needed.  This allows me to meet the requirements of my clients without providing services that they do not need and at a cost that is reasonable.