Trademark Name and Logo Re-Registration in the United Kingdom

Commentators are suggesting that it is not clear whether a “Brexit”, meaning a U.K. exit from the European Union as approved in the recent U.K. referendum, will have an effect on recognition of the E.U. patent and trademark regimes.  E.U. countries have a dual registration regime, so that it is possible to register at the E.U. and national levels.  Many patent, name and logo filings have been done by U.K. firms at the E.U. level alone.  It is suggested that such firms may want to consider registering also at the U.K. level to protect more fully their trademark rights.  But other commentators suggest that a Brexit that does not continue the recognition of the E.U. patents and trademarks is unlikely, and such dual registration is overkill.  If cost is not an issue, however, dual registration is a cautious approach.